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This year's Lincoln Day's were held at the Adam's Mark hotel
in Kansas City.  Like the previous events, elections for the
MFCR Executive board were held here.  The Officers for 1997-98 are:

Chairman: Nathan Cooper; SLU
Vice Chairman: Gary Delhougne; UM-Columbia
Treasurer: Tom Shupe; SEMO
Secretary: James Harris; SLU

We had the benefit of meeting most of the Republicans Senators/
Representatives in the State of Missouri.  We also got to
meet the first Republican Senator in 120 years from the state
of Arkansas.

At the end of the convention, it was announced that next years
event will be held in St. Louis.  The date for this event
is Feb. 13-15, 1998.

Photo's of this year's Lincoln Days will be posted as soon as they are avaliable.


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