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The Southeast Missouri State University College
Republicans would like to welcome you to their homepage.

Our officers for the 1997-98 are:

President:       Toby Johnson
Vice President:  Jared Edwards
Treasurer:       Clare Scheidt
Secretary:       Beverly Poelker
Field Director:  Joe Pondrom
Publicity:       Shane Wallis
Fundraising:     Tom Shupe (MFCR Treasurer)

Meetings are currently being held in the Riverboat room
of the University Center, every Thursday at 9:00 pm.

The College Republicans have decided to support the
following people in the SG elections April 22-23:

Predident:       Neal E. Boyd
Vice President:  Jeremiah J. Karl
Treasurer:       Michelle A. Gruber


SEMO CR Constitution -- under construction
United States Constitution
Missouri Federation of College Republicans
Upcoming MFCR events
Upcoming SEMO CR events

SEMO College Republicans
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1000 Towers Circle, #308 South
Cape Girardeau, MO 63701
United States